First Caribbean Symposium on Cosmology, Gravitation, Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics


La Habana, Cuba, 1 - 4 May, 2011

2nd International Symposium on Strong Electromagnetic Fields and Neutron Stars


Varadero, Cuba, 5-7 May 2011

General Information

Dear Colleague

We have the pleasure of sending you this updated invitation to participate in the events:

  • First Caribbean Symposium on Cosmology, Gravitation, Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics STARS2011, to be held in LA HABANA, CUBA, from 1 to 4 May, 2011;
  • 2nd International Symposium on Strong Electromagnetic Fields and Neutron Stars SMFNS2011, to be held in VARADERO, CUBA, from 5 to 7 May, 2011.

Topics of the Events

  • Topics of STARS2011 - new phenomena and new states of matter in the Universe, general relativity, gravitation, cosmology, heavy ion collisions and the formation of the quark-gluon plasma, white dwarfs, neutron stars and pulsars, black holes, gamma-ray emission in the Universe, high energy cosmic rays, gravitational waves, dark energy and dark matter, strange matter and strange stars, antimatter in the Universe and topics related to these;
  • Topics of SMFNS2011 - strong magnetic fields in the Universe, strong magnetic fields in galaxies, in active galatic nuclei and in clusters of galaxies, intergalatic magnetic fields, strong magnetic fields and the cosmic microwave background, space plasmas, solar and stellar plasmas, the physics of compact stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars, pulsars, exotic and hybrid dense stars, quark stars and strange stars, strange matter, black holes, magnetic fields in star formation, stellar structure and star evolution, strong magnetic fields in compact stars, ultra-strong magnetic fields in neutron star mergers, magnetars, magnetized interstellar medium, and topics related to these.

Scientific Program

Oral and Poster Presentations - Contributions Booklet: Participants are invited to present an oral presentation and to contribute to the Poster Session. Specific instructions about the format of the posters will be given soon. The abstracts of the contributions will be published in a booklet to be distributed to the participants. Abstracts must be submitted before April 10, 2011, for inclusion in the contributions booklet.STARS2011 and SMFNS2011 Prizes: The best students posters of STARS2011 and SMFNS2011 will receive a prize and a special gift.

Registration and Payment of Fees

Registration: in order to simplify the entry to the two events, the applicant must fill out only the registration form to the event STARS2011 (There are appropriate blank spaces on this form to report the title of each of the contributions for each of the events):

Registration Fee: the values of the registration fees (it will be charged a single fee for both events) are €280/USD355 (for payment before March 1st 2011) and €320/USD407 (for payment after March 1st 2011). The formalization of the registration to STARS2011 and to SMFNS2011 will be completed only after payment of the registration fees. Payment of registration fees entitles the participants to receipt two books of abstracts and other promotional materials as well as copies of the annals of the events (two volumes of IJMPE). Additionally, payment of registration fees will allow participants to have lunch during the 4 days of STARS2011 and coffee breaks in between lectures during STARS2011 and SMFNS2011. The payment of the hotel will allow participants to have all meals during the three days of the event SMFNS2011, and will additionally entitles the participants to have local transportation during their stay in Cuba (airport/hotel/airport, Havana/Varadero/Havana/airport).

The Registration Fee may be paid or as bank transfer or by cash or credit card at the Registration Desk. However, be aware that additionally to the value of €320/USD400 (for payment after March 1st 2011) the payment at the Registration Desk must be made in Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) (1 CUC ~ 1.20 USD) effectively increasing the final value to €384/USD487.

Bank Transfer: Please transfer the Total Amount Due in EURO (or in USDOLLAR) (free of bank charges for the recipient) to Banco do Brasil, Agency 4848-8, Av. Bento Gonçalves nº 9.500 - Prédio 43.609, Bairro Agronomia, Porto Alegre/RS, CEP: 91.501-970, Account No.: 2011-7, Agency Code: 4848-8, IBAN-Code: 001484880000020117, Swift Code: BRASBRRJPAE. Name of bank holder to whom you should transfer the registration fee: Cesar Augusto Zen Vasconcellos - Address: Rua Jari, No. 671, Apartamento No. 204, Torre 1, CEP 91350-170, Bairro Passo da Areia, Porto Alegre, Brasil - Telephone: (+5551) 93629396 - (+5551) 30848214.

Please remember to include the participant's name and the reference "STARS2011" and send a copy of the bank trasfer by e-mail to STARS2011.

Invitation Letter: Researchers who fill the registration form will receive an invitation letter to participate in both events in Cuba. With an invitation letter in hand, the organizers strongly recommend, in view of the limited financial resources at their disposal, that participants request financial support from their research institutions and/or from any agency for promotion of research at their own choice.

International Advisory Committee

Hugo Pérez Rojas (ICIMAF, Cuba) ** Aurora Pérez Martínez (ICIMAF, Cuba) ** Jorge Horvath (Institute of Astronomy, Geophysis and Atmosferic Science and São Paulo University, Brazil) ** César Zen Vasconcellos (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) ** Constança Providência (Coimbra University, Portugal) ** David Blaschke (University of Wroclaw, Poland) ** Débora Perez Menezes (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil) ** Fridolin Weber (San Diego State University, USA) ** Horst Stoecker (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany) ** Jörg Aichelin (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et des Technologies Associees, France) ** José A. de Freitas Pacheco (Côte d'Azur Observatory, France) ** Renxin Xu (Peking University, China) ** Seifallah Randjbar-Daemi (The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy) ** Walter Greiner (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany) ** Wolfgang Bauer (Michigan State University, USA).

Local Organizing Committee

Executive Secretariat of STARS2011 and SMFNS2011: OLGA VERDECIA


Location of the Events

Hotel Cost and Visas

Hotel Cost (total): 480€/575USD (total cost for 6 overnights in double room), €555/665USD (total cost for 6 overnights in single room). Credit cards (not issued by U.S. Banks) are accepted. Necessary documents: country entry permit (visa); tourist health insurance. If paid in cash, this must be made in Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) (1 CUC ~ 1.20 USD).

Important information: participants must make their own hotel room's reservation directly with Ms. Zahily Delgado González . Ms. Delgado belongs to the official travel agency of the event: Agencia de Viajes Gaviota Tours S.A., Departamento de Turismo Especializado, Phone: (+53)(7) 204-5708, 204-7526, Fax: (537) 204-4111. We ask you to send an e-mail message to Ms. Delgado informing the period in which you intend to stay in Cuba, if you want to stay in single or double room, if you plan to travel with a companion or not and what kind of room do you want. If you want to stay for a longer time in Cuba, and visit other places, please tell Ms. Delgado. She will then organize the extension of your stay in Cuba.

Visas: all foreigners, through travel agencies, airlines or at the airport in Cuba can purchase their tourist visas to Cuba. Citizens from USA have first to askpermission to the U.S. Government to visit Cuba. Ms. Delgado will help you with any type of questions concerning your visit to Cuba.


Proceedings: proceedings of the events will be published (in two volumes) by the International Journal of Modern Physics E (IJMPE). Authors may download in the web site of the event the file which contains Latex 2e and instructions for typesetting the manuscripts. Authors are invited to submit their contributions to STARS2011 and to SMFNS2011 in advance from the date of March 1, 2011 on. Contributions shall be sent in behalf of the Organizing Committee to Dimiter Hadjimichef and to Mario Luiz L. da Silva .

COPA, Official Airline of STARS2011 and MFNS2011

COPA Airlines, the official airline of the events STARS2011 and SMFNS2011, offers to all participants a very special rate available at time of booking for all 45 destinations in 24 countries from South, Central and North America as well as to Caribbean region. Participants must present a document of the Organising Committee of the events in order to get the discount offered by the airline. The discount is characterized by the code C3186 and its value corresponds to 15% of the original airfare. Please see list of COPA offices in the COPA WEB Site.

We would be glad if you could confirm your participation in the events.

Best regards

Aurora Pérez Martínes, Hugo Perez Rojas, Jorge Horvath, Cesar Zen Vasconcellos

Organizing Committees - STARS2011 – SMFNS2011