IWARA 2009


The 4th International Workshop on Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics is scheduled to occur in the period from 4th to 8th of October, in the Maresias Beach Hotel, located in a city near the Atlantic Ocean, called Maresias, which belongs to São Paulo State, Brazil.


The main purpose of the event is to offer new opportunities for personal and professional growth of our students. For this reason, we feel very important to keep the series of meetings that began in 2003 in which astrophysicists, astronomers and scientists working in nuclear, and high-energy particle physics, for the first time in this series, met with the intention of showing its latest results on a variety of topics involving new phenomena and new states of matter in the universe and therefore interact with their peers from around the world. The previous IWARA meetings are 2003, OLINDA, PERNAMBUCO, BRAZIL - 2005, NATAL, RIO GRANDE DO NORTE, BRAZIL - 2007,JOÃO PESSOA,PARAÍBA,BRAZIL


We would like to count on his illustrious presence and contribution at the meeting scheduled for 2009. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the workshop. We would be happy if you could confirm their participation in the event, even in a preliminary way. We also would very grateful if you could send us the title of your contribution. Please note also that we need a copy of his curriculum vitae, including a list of their publications in order to seek financial support for the Workshop. Also, please let us know whom most of their university or other institution, we should invite.


If you are interested in attending the Conference please register, in our web page, your intension of participating in our event. When registering on line, you must be prepared to specify the following information: full name(s) and citizenship; postal address; phone and fax number; electronic mail address; present academic position; passport number, issue and expiration dates of passport; the title, author(s) name(s) and abstract of the submitted contribution. The final date for submission of contributions will be communicated to all registered participants.


Participants from some countries will need a visa when entering in BRAZIL. Please find out in a Embassy or Consulate what are the conditions for obtaining a visa to Brazil. Some information may be found also at the Brazilian Consulate web address. If you need an Invitation Letter to attend the Conference, please send to us an e-mail message (in the letter please express exactly what you need). If, for example, the invitation letter should also be sent to an Embassy or Consulate directly by fax, please include the corresponding address and fax number.


To cover the basic costs of the meeting during the 5 days of the meeting (coffee-breaks, the book of abstracts, the publication of the proceedings of the conference, internet connection, local transportation and other expenses), we have to charge some fees (see below). We hope to host approximately 80-100 researchers and graduate students in the pleasant MARESIAS BEACH HOTEL. Accommodations, lunch and other personal expenses are on account of the participants in the event. Reservation of rooms during the event must be made directly with the hotel. The daily values of the hotel (per person) which includes accommodation and food, are R$ 213 (€ 74 US$ 107) for a single room, R$145 (€ 50 US$ 73) for a double room, and R$136 (€ 47 US$ 68) for a triple room.

Category Registration

(On October 4th 2009)

Fee (for attendees with a permanent position (required for applying to IUPAP and other agencies)

€ 100 / US$ 145 / R$ 290
Reduced fee (for attendees with a permanent position from South America and East Europe) € 70 / US$ 100 / R$ 200
Students (for full time students; the supervisor must confirm student status) € 35 / US$ 50 / R$ 100

No fees (for attendees from economically weak countries without financial support to attend the event)


Accompanying persons should register on site. There will be special tickets to attend the cultural and social events. Late registration can be done at the conference desk (€ 250). Social and cultural events will be free for participants.

Conversion Factors

€1 = US$ 1.45 = R$ 2.90


The official language of the seminar is English. The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. English is the most taught foreign language in Brazil while Spanish is understood by a good percentage of the population.


Participants are invited for an oral presentation and to send a contribution to the Poster Session. Specific instructions about the format of the posters will be given soon.


The abstracts of the contributions will be published in a booklet to be distributed to the participants. Abstracts must be submitted before September 15, 2009 for inclusion in the booklet.


In honor of our dear friend and colleague Manfred Dillig who recently passed away, three selected students from the Posters Session will receive the Manfred Dillig prize.


Invited and selected papers will be published in a special issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics D.


New Phenomena and New States of Matter in the Universe is the motto of this event. Contributions in the realm of General Relativity, Gravitation, Cosmology, Heavy Ion Collisions and the Quark-Gluon Plasma, White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Pulsars, Black Holes, Gamma Ray Bursts, High-Energy Cosmic Rays, Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Strange Matter and Strange Stars, Antimatter and Ion Research, Cosmic Matter in the Laboratory, and related topics are welcome.


The Chair of the event is Prof. Jorge Horvath, from the Instituto Astronômico e Geofísico (IAG-USP) (foton@astro.iag.usp.br). Prof. César Zen Vasconcellos (cesarzen10@hotmail.com), from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) will be the chair for the Scientific Committee. Profs. Bardo Bodmann (bardo.bodmann@ufrgs.br), also from UFRGS, and Manuel Malheiro (malheiro@ita.br), from Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronáutica (ITA), will be in charge of the Scientific Program of the event. Please send all further communication simultaneously to Jorge Horvath and César Zen Vasconcellos.